2017 Annual Kids Fishing Trip, June 12th

Why take 60 inner city kids fishing?

Every year, the San Fernando Valley Saltwater Fisherman, a club consisting of friends who love to fish, host a kids charter fishing trip for underprivileged children in the SFV.

Kid's Fishing Trip
Kid’s Fishing Trip

Kids who report never having done anything like this before, learn valuable life lessons on our fishing trips. You’ll be amazed at how many areas of their life may improve from the experience of fishing.

“Give a kid a fish and they’ll look at you funny, teach a kid how to fish and they’ll have a memory that lasts forever” – Jared Gerber, SFVSF Member

  • Where food comes from. “The grocery store?”, lol
  • Survival! Yes — that’s right. Tie knots, catch fish & be one with nature
  • Conservation — learn to love nature & natural resources
    SFVSF Annual Kid's Fishing Trip
    Kid’s Fishing Trip
  • Physical social interaction vs. video games & cellphones
  • Patience & communication
  • Fishing is good wholesome fun & safe
  • An “Adult:” activity that is good for them, vs. alcohol & other vices

The club member volunteers mentor the children, who learn how to fish, participate in an

Kid's Fishing Trip
Kid’s Fishing Trip

outdoor adventure, they may otherwise not be able to experience. It may also spark an interest in a future career in fishing, marine biology or coast guard. They may also have the chance to see dolphins, whales or even an coast guard helicopter.

Members of the club organize and volunteer to mentor children while fishing and have a great outdoor experience at sea. About 60 under-privileged kids are selected from youth groups from the SFV area.

The trip is fueled by SFVSF, it’s sponsors & member donations — including Chatsworth Kiwanis, Chatsworth Neighborhood Council & San Fernando Valley Saltwater Fisherman.

Local kids clubs include, SFV Boys & Girls, Canoga Park Boys & Girls, Youth Home in Mission 2014_0609_kidsTrip_Speed TwinHills & Local Key Clubs.

If you’re a reporter, come fish on us! Yes — we want to take you fishing. Come fishing, learn what it’s all about first hand — and be inspired to report your experience. Call Jared at 818-421-8870 to discuss.

Send MORE kids fishing — with your sponsorship, we can send more children fishing.  In past years, we’ve chartered multiple boats for the kids trip.  Contact us to learn more about sponsorship & exposure opportunities.

The boat leaves at 8:30 a.m., if you are going to be on the boat, be there an hour early.

Want to get involved? Sponsor or volunteer — we’re currently looking for sponsors to send more kids fishing – click here to express your interest in sponsoring this event.

2017 Annual Kids Fishing Trip
Date: June 12th, 2017, 8:30am – 3:30pm
Boat: Spitfire

Spitfire @ Dock 52, Marina Del Rey
Spitfire @ Dock 52, Marina Del Rey

Landing: Marina Del Rey
Dock 52, Fiji Way,
Marina Del Rey, CA
(310) 822-DOCK

Here are pictures from last year’s trip.

Spitfire @ Marina Del Rey
Spitfire @ Marina Del Rey

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