SFVSF Newsletter – November 2019

Hello from your Newsletter Editor:

The month of November we are nominating officers for the club and all offices are open. If you know someone that can represent our club and keep it going please be sure to nominate that special person that can and are willing to do the job. Allan will be handing out nominations at our next meeting.

November guest speaker will be Tucker McCombs the new owner of Ventura Sportfishing Landing. He was also the owner of the Outrider, Endeavor and Island Spirit.

NOTE:  We will have our annual banquet in January and hope all can attend. We are still in the process of finalizing details which will be forthcoming shortly.

The Club is also accepting dues for next years membership which are $40 for individual and $60 for family. If you know anyone that may be interested in joining please invite them to our meetings.

October charter – on the Mirage out of Cisco Landing. Last time Captain Ryan put us on some awesome fish around Jurassic Park, everyone limited out and had a great time.

November Charter – Looking forward to a great day of fishing on the Ahra-Ahn out of Long Beach Pier 55 Leaving Friday November 15th and returning November 16th approximately 7pm. Please contact Marc Harrison for availability.

Raffle prize winners for October Meeting
A&D Custom Wrapped SFVSF Fishing Rod (Fishing Syndicate): – Adam Walker
Sun Glasses :P-Line, Lead – Pat Greenleaf
Custom Tacklebox – Alex
Cool Towel, Lead & Sponge – Mike Herrera

Club points for October’s trip:
Mike Lombardi (15 points) 12.9 Ling
David Greenleaf (10 points) – 12.6 Ling
Pat Greenleaf (5 points) – 7.1lbs Rock Fish

Club Standing:
55 points Pat Greenleaf
50 Points Marc Glasser
45 Points  David Greenleaf
25 Points  Mike Lombardi
15 Points Ruben Herrera,Rey Engh

10 Points  Alan Starkin, Randy Standridge
5 points Mike Herrera

Next Club Meeting:
Wednesday 11/20/19 :
Guest Speaker – Tucker McCombs Owner Ventura Sportfishing

Club T-Shirts available for purchase.

Note from your News Editor:

While at our Monthly Officers Meeting I was looking for a topic to write about, our Charter Master looked at me and said “the meaning of being in a Club” what a great topic!
I think most of us have been affiliated with some type of organization, group or structured clubs. To be specific and talk about what the Club means to myself and my spouse (Donna). At first I was dead-set against it, I mean joining a Fishing Club that wasn’t us! I am not that social butterfly that can easily strike up a conversation with anyone. My son pushed me to attend the first meeting with him in April of 2018, he cancelled at the last minute and so Donna filled his spot, I could not do it alone.

There we were at LuLu’s, trying to size everything up. We left the meeting with stickers, paperwork to fill out and the opportunity to join. As we talked on the way home we both said lets give it a try. I have not missed a meeting since the first meeting I attended. Donna on the other hand because of her work schedule has missed a few but together we stay focused on the club and it’s well being.

We have met some interesting and down to earth people and consider all members to be friends. Through all of this we have had the opportunity to become close friends with some members.

My belief is that Donna and I can go fishing anytime or anywhere we want but to go fishing with friends and family is a bonus. Then to meet once a month and talk about fishing, family and what is going on around the fishing world is something we look forward to each month. Donna and I would like to thank all members and friends for allowing us to be part of this amazing club.

In closing, I think about the song by The Beach Boys, “Be true to your school” this is how we feel about our club. All of us active members please lets try to recruit some new members and pass Fishing on to the younger generation.

If you haven’t already, you can join the club & renew your membership online at sfvsf.org/shop.


Newsletter Editor
Adam Walker
San Fernando Valley Saltwater Fisherman


We are a fishing club who loves the outdoors and being on the Sea, we are always looking for new members who have a passion for fishing like we do, if this is you we have a meeting the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 7:30pm at Lulu’s Restaurant in Van Nuys, CA. Come on down and check us out.

The Club has monthly meetings with Expert Speakers, Monthly Raffles, Newsletter, Community Service / Kids Trip & Mentoring, Club BBQ, Club Breakfast, Club Championship Awards, Annual Banquet and Awards Dinner, and much much more.

If you like Saltwater Fishing and would enjoy fishing on some of the best charter boats in Southern California, then come join us.

Club Meetings
Saltwater fishing enthusiasts meet to learn from expert speakers, discuss fishing experiences, upcoming charter trip, what’s biting & where, etc. All are welcome to come. Come for optional dinner & networking at 6:30pm or just the meeting at 7:30pm.

WHEN: Every 3rd Wednesday of each Month @ 6:30pm
WHERE: LulusRestaurant.com 16900 Roscoe (& Balboa)
JOIN: sfvsf.org/join
SUBSCRIBE: sfvsf.org/subscribe
Learn more at San Fernando Valley Saltwater Fisherman.

Bring your friends. Share this email to a friend you think might enjoy the club.

SFVSF Newsletter – June 2019

Hello from your Newsletter Editor:

I would like to thank our May Guest Speaker Oliver from Fishing Syndicate, his discussion of expertise with the proper ways to use and not abuse your rods.  Oliver has been a regular speaker and has always been very informative, not to mention his generosity with raffle items, such as RODS and other cool Fishing Syndicate Swag.   .

Mays charter on the New Hustler was epic for some and great for other.  Almost limits of White Sea Bass and Lings and limited out on rock fish.  Bags were filled.  

Club points:

  1. Pat Greenleaf (15 points) 30lbs  White Seat Bass
  2. Mark Glasser  (10 points) – 23lbs White Sea Bass
  3. David Greenleaf (5 points) – 22.7lbs White Sea bass

Club Standing:

Mark Glasser 40points
Pat Greenleaf 25 points
Mike Lombardi 10 points
Randy Standridge 5 Points
Mike Herrera 5 points
David Greenleaf 5 points

Next Club Meeting: 

Wednesday 6/19/19 : 
Guest Speaker – Wendy / Izorline
Club T-Shirts available for purchase

Looking forward to a good month of fishing on the Outrider departing Thursday  6/27, fishing and returning Friday 6/28.  Remember to join and pay your club dues don’t want to miss out on some of the planned charters. This is a limited load (10) and sold out, please contact Marc Harrison for wait-list of openings.
If you haven’t already, you can join the club & renew your membership online at sfvsf.org/shop.


Newsletter Editors
Adam / Marc
San Fernando Valley Saltwater Fisherman


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SFVSF Newsletter – May 2019

Hello from your Newsletter Editor:

I want to say a BIG Thank You to Ben Secrest for coming and speaking to our members.  He shared his story about his trip to Fiji and about gear to use when fishing for tuna and how to use certain rods and reels during a tuna bite. Thanks Ben for some great tips, sharing your knowledge and some awesome raffle prizes (Accurate Pliers).

Our next meeting will be Wednesday May 15th and our guest speak will be Oliver Solis from Fishing Syndicate.

Unfortunately to due work I was not on the last charter for those that went killed it with Yellows.  Captain Ryan put them on some fish and everyone had a great time!

Winners for Club Points:

  1. Mark Glasser, 17.6lb Yellowtail (15 points)
  2. Mike Lombardi, 16lb Yellowtail (10 points)
  3. Mike Herrera, 15.4lb Yellowtail (5 points)

We’re looking forward to a good month of fishing on the New Hustler out of Hooks Landing, departing Friday 5/24, fishing and returning Saturday .  Remember to join and pay your club dues don’t want to miss out on some of the planned charters.  Click here to renew now.  There are still a few openings for this charter, please call or see Marc Harrison.  

***Prayers and thoughts for Victor Hernandez who was seriously injured.  He is home from the hospital and recovering.****
If you haven’t already, you can join the club & renew your membership online at sfvsf.org/shop.


Newsletter Editor
Adam Walker


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SFVSF.org Partners with CDFW as Official Stamping Agent for Fishing Passport Program

The SFVSF has partnered with CDFW for the Fishing Passport Program and is an official stamping agent — for anyone fishing in Southern California. SFVSF Members are automatically enrolled and will receive a passport as a part of their membership kit.

Current SFVSF Members will receive the Fishing Passports as well as Fish Identification Guide at the next General Club Meeting on Wednesday, June 21st.

The program includes the passport (receive stamps), workshops, community posting, awards and more. The goal is to introduce recreational fishermen to a variety of species of fish as well as provide information and resources needed to expand their skills.

There are California Fishing and the Ocean Workshops available. The workshop for July is closed; however, stay tuned for the next workshop in upcoming months.

Fishing license is required, children 15 years and under do not need to buy a fishing license to participate.

2017 Annual Kids Fishing Trip, June 12th – Followup & Gallery

Beautiful day on the water, kids were amazing & everyone had a great time

The kids, crew & volunteer mentors from SFVSF all had an amazing day as evident by the pictures & smiles! The weather was absolutely perfect – it was a beautiful day.
Thank you to Spitfire Sportfishing​ for putting us on the fish, crew for helping all the children with their rigs & to get the fish on the boat and safely into the bags, Michael Herrera​ & the SFVSF for planning a great event, Mike F. Lombardi​ for the great pictures & the volunteer mentors from the SFVSF for their help, support & guidance. Hey! The burgers were great too — all 60 of them — thanks Galley Chef!

It was a wonderful sight to see the kids eyes light up when they caught a fish … “FISH-ON” — they learned was what to yell out when you have a fish on your line — everyone gathered around and watched as the crew help get the fish onto the boat. I could tell they were learning how to put their bait on, open the bail, close it when the sinker hit the bottom & keep their line tight until a fish hit … and then reel in like crazy — by the end of the trip, they were all little fishing pros! Many of them may end up being future SFVSF members – some would ask about our regular member trips and show interest in going in the future.

« 1 of 2 »

Why take 60 inner city kids fishing?

Every year, the San Fernando Valley Saltwater Fisherman, a club consisting of friends who love to fish, host a kids charter fishing trip for underprivileged children in the SFV.

Kid's Fishing Trip
Kid’s Fishing Trip

Kids who report never having done anything like this before, learn valuable life lessons on our fishing trips. You’ll be amazed at how many areas of their life may improve from the experience of fishing.

“Give a kid a fish and they’ll look at you funny, teach a kid how to fish and they’ll have a memory that lasts forever” – Jared Gerber, SFVSF Member

  • Where food comes from. “The grocery store?”, lol
  • Survival! Yes — that’s right. Tie knots, catch fish & be one with nature
  • Conservation — learn to love nature & natural resources

    SFVSF Annual Kid's Fishing Trip
    Kid’s Fishing Trip
  • Physical social interaction vs. video games & cellphones
  • Patience & communication
  • Fishing is good wholesome fun & safe
  • An “Adult:” activity that is good for them, vs. alcohol & other vices

The club member volunteers mentor the children, who learn how to fish, participate in an

Kid's Fishing Trip
Kid’s Fishing Trip

outdoor adventure, they may otherwise not be able to experience. It may also spark an interest in a future career in fishing, marine biology or coast guard. They may also have the chance to see dolphins, whales or even an coast guard helicopter.

Members of the club organize and volunteer to mentor children while fishing and have a great outdoor experience at sea. About 60 under-privileged kids are selected from youth groups from the SFV area.

The trip is fueled by SFVSF, it’s sponsors & member donations — including Chatsworth Kiwanis, Chatsworth Neighborhood Council & San Fernando Valley Saltwater Fisherman.

Local kids clubs include, SFV Boys & Girls, Canoga Park Boys & Girls, Youth Home in Mission 2014_0609_kidsTrip_Speed TwinHills & Local Key Clubs.

If you’re a reporter, come fish on us! Yes — we want to take you fishing. Come fishing, learn what it’s all about first hand — and be inspired to report your experience. Call Jared at 818-421-8870 to discuss.

Send MORE kids fishing — with your sponsorship, we can send more children fishing.  In past years, we’ve chartered multiple boats for the kids trip.  Contact us to learn more about sponsorship & exposure opportunities.

The boat leaves at 8:30 a.m., if you are going to be on the boat, be there an hour early.

Want to get involved? Sponsor or volunteer — we’re currently looking for sponsors to send more kids fishing – click here to express your interest in sponsoring this event.

2017 Annual Kids Fishing Trip
Date: June 12th, 2017, 8:30am – 3:30pm
Boat: Spitfire

Spitfire @ Dock 52, Marina Del Rey
Spitfire @ Dock 52, Marina Del Rey

Landing: Marina Del Rey
Dock 52, Fiji Way,
Marina Del Rey, CA
(310) 822-DOCK

Here are pictures from last year’s trip.

Spitfire @ Marina Del Rey
Spitfire @ Marina Del Rey

Our first Charter Trip – Amigo on March 4th

March 4 – March 5
Leaves: Mar 4 at 9 PM to Mar 5 at 7 PM
Location: Amigo out of Ventura Sportfishing
1500 Anchors Way Dr, Ventura, California 93001

Register here or contact Adrian Cruz for more information.

Get signed up for this trip on the Amigo leaving at 9pm. Message me Adrian Cruz to sign up or get more info. The boat should be available to board at 8pm with bunks for you to sleep on. Space is limited — SIGN UP NOW.

Charter Schedule:

Boat: AMIGO @ Ventura Sportfishing
Leaving: Sat 03/04/17 09:00 PM
Returning: Sun 03/05/17 07:00 PM
Load: 18
Cost: 190
Type: Best bite