2016 Annual Kids Fishing Trip, June 13th

Kid's Fishing Trip
Kid’s Fishing Trip
Every year, the San Fernando Valley Saltwater Fisherman host a kids charter fishing trip. Members of the club organize and volunteer to help the children fish and have a great experience at sea. About 60 under-privileged kids are selected from youth groups around the LA & SFV area. The trip is fueled by SFVSF and donations by members.

Want to get involved? We’re currently looking for additional co-sponsors – click here to express your interest in sponsoring this event.

2016 Annual Kids Fishing Trip
Date: June 13th, 2016
Boat: Spitfire

Spitfire @ Dock 52, Marina Del Rey
Spitfire @ Dock 52, Marina Del Rey
* Check back for more information
Marina Del Rey
Dock 52, Fiji Way,
Marina Del Rey, CA
(310) 822-DOCK

Here are pictures from last year’s trip.

Spitfire @ Marina Del Rey
Spitfire @ Marina Del Rey

Sea Jay Charter Fishing Trip, April, 16 2016

Get signed up for our 2nd club trip of the year on the Sea Jay April 16 leaving at 4am. $135 per person. Message Adrian Cruz to sign up or get more info.

You can get on the boat as early as 8pm on Friday, April 15th.

Feel free to comment below — you can login using your Facebook account to leave comments.

4/18 Update — the trip was a great success with everyone catching fish. Jim was the biggest fish winner with 2 large ling cods. Thanks for the photo-shoot, Mike Lombardi & video from Cruz – see below.

Also, click here to check out Cruz’s Facebook album for this trip.

Cruz’ video for this trip:

Sea Jay Charter Fishing Trip, March 26th, 2016

March is FINALLY HERE its time to dust off the poles, service them reels, freshen up that line and get signed up for our first club trip of the year on the Sea Jay March 26 leaving at 4am. $135 per person you can we still have a few spots available message me Adrian Cruz to sign up or get more info.

This is our “maiden voyage” on the Sea Jay and is sure to be exciting.

Update from your new Charter Master

Adrian Cruz just informed me that 2 trips have been booked on the Mirage, a great overnight boat that catches more large halibuts than any other boats at the Channel Islands.


Also, 8 trips have been booked on the Seajay (see photo on preceding page) whose captain will be the speaker at the February meeting – if possible – so we can get to know him and his crew. More details will be forthcoming soon.


reeloneThere will be a SUPER RAFFLE at the November 18th “Nomination” membership meeting. Come all and

No that’s not the Island Tak but its sister ship the Sea Jay Photos from the last (or was it the one before that?) charter.

On the left, Gene is demonstrating what healthy dentition should look like.reelsec

On the right, another demonstration of the care some anglers take with their catch, even going as far as wrapping the fish with a towel so it won’t catch a cold.

From Your Newsletter Editor

This is probably the last of the newsletter for 2015. This edition is short for a number of reasons; not the least is that I am very busy on other fronts. This is my second round as Newsletter editor and it’s been fun. With the board’s blessing, I hope to continue in 2016.

It’s been quite a year – one for the ages and possibly once in a lifetime. Yellow Tail everywhere, dorado and wahoo caught in Santa Monica Bay, and even a 600 pound black marlin. And to top it off, bottom fishing for rockfish has been steady all summer.

It’s possible that the yellow Tail will stay with us until next year; let’s hope so. Bottom fishing will take a pause in January and February and it will be a good time to get the reels serviced, especially if they were used for Yellow Tail and Tuna, and to put fresh line on them.

The yearly breakfast is coming up (see below) and the Banquet will be upon us before we know it. The theme this year will be I WANT TO BE A ROCK STAR. Be ready to participate.

I want to thank all those who have provided material for the newsletters, especially King Tut (aka Bob Tuttle), DeeDee always rock steady, and Michael Lombardi, our official photographer.

And all of us thank members of the Board for their tireless work on our behalf during 2015. Thank you!

The New Year brings us a new charter master in the person of Adrian Cruz. We wish him well in his new post and we thank Gene Housworth for his dedication to the Club as charter master these past few years.


Help us Remove Gillnets off the California Coast

Fellow anglers,
I have some good news to report in our efforts to encourage West Coast fisheries managers to transition away from drift gillnets, and want to urge all of you to get involved over the next 30 days, prior to a crucial PFMC meeting in November.

At September’s PFMC meeting in Sacramento, the Council set a goal of establishing 100% observer coverage on the drift gillnet fishery by 2018. They also put firm limits on the catch of nine species of marine mammals and turtles caught accidentally in drift gillnets, agreeing to shut down the fishery for the season if any one of these limits are reached. These are huge steps forward after a year of backsliding. The Council also decided to schedule a long discussion about the future of the swordfish fishery for the November PFMC meeting in Garden Grove. At that meeting, they will discuss plans for this fishery and potential alternative gear types…as well as a discussion about longlines.

Momentum appears to be shifting back to our side, and that couldn’t have happened without input from the recreational angling community.

Anglers were well represented at this meeting – IGFA member Bev Seltzer delivered incredibly compelling testimony, and IGFA Conservation Director Jason Schratwieser and CCA-CA Wayne Kotow were there in person to submit eloquent letters urging the PFMC to transition away from drift gillnets and keep longlines away from the California coast. I believe that Councilmembers were very moved by the input from anglers, who continue to be underrepresented in the management process.

However, there’s still work to be done! We need to rally additional support in advance of the PFMC meeting on November 15th, in Garden Grove, CA. Let’s urge the PFMC to transition away from drift gillnets once and for all and reject the introduction of longlines off our coast.


  • Sign the angler petition, and share it with at least five fellow anglers. If you are a member of a fishing club or organization, are active in an online fishing forum, or have an email list of anglers, PLEASE SHARE THE PETITION AND ENCOURAGE THEM TO SIGN! We currently have just 1200 signers, but really need at least 2500 anglers to make a strong statement when we resubmit the petition in November.
  • Attend the PFMC meeting in Garden Grove. We need anglers to show up in force for that meeting. November 15th is a Sunday so it should minimize work conflicts.


The General Meeting will take place at LULU’s, 16900 Roscoe Blvd. in Van Nuys; dinner (optional) at 6:30 PM and
general meeting starts at 7:30 PM on the 3rd Wednesday of the month unless otherwise noted in the Newsletter.
Guest speaker, if we have one, hasn’t been announced yet.

The Board Meeting take place every 1st Wednesday of the month at 7:00pm. The location is at Las Hadas Restaurant,
corner of Balboa and Nordhoff St. Everyone is invited to attend.